Koulutuksia 51-52/2023

Need Adapted Care for Psychosis – the Power of Human Interaction. 23rd ISPS International Conference

5. - 8.6.2024, Aalto, Dipoli

Otakaari 24, Aalto
ISPS Suomi ry
Psykoosien ja vakavien mielenterveydenhäiriöiden kanssa työskentelevät: lääkärit, psykologit, hoitajat, psykoterapeutit
Psykiatria - runkokoulutus, Lastenpsykiatria, Nuorisopsykiatria, Oikeuspsykiatria, Psykiatria
Klaus Lehtinen, s-posti: klaus.lehtinen@fimnet.fi

Wednesday, June 5th

17.00–18.30    Welcome Reception by the City of Espoo                                                         


Thursday, June 6th

8.30–9.20         Need Adapted Care for Psychoses - Present and Future                             

Jukka Aaltonen and Klaus Lehtinen                 

9.20–10.05       ISPS and the Hearing Voices Movement

Claire Bien       

10.05–10.35     Coffee break   

10.35–12.05     Symposia/paper sessions/workshops             

12.05–13.05     Lunch and posters                    

13.05–13.50     Why We should and can Address Trauma in Psychosis

David van den Berg                  

13.50–14.35     Alliance Rupture and Repair

Catherine Eubanks                   

14.35–15.05     Reflections on todays plenaries                       

15.05–15.35     Coffee break   

15.35–17.05     Symposia/paper sessions/workshops             

17.05–18.35     Symposia/paper sessions/workshops             


Friday, June 7th

8.30–9.15         The Role of Chance. In the Power of Interaction

Francoise Davoine                    

9.15–10.00       CHIME - knowledge about personal recovery can change clinical practice

Mary Leamy    

10.00–10.30     Coffee break   

10.30–12.00     Symposia/paper sessions/workshops             

12.00–13.30     Lunch, ISPS general assembly and posters    

13.30–14.15     ODDESSI, The Latest Findings

Russell Razzaque                      

14.15–15.00     How to Speak with Families

Mia Kurtti and Jaakko Seikkula                         

15.00–15.30     Reflections on todays plenaries                       

15.30–16.00     Coffee break   

16.00–17.30     Symposia/paper sessions/workshops             

19:00                 Conference dinner                    


Saturday, June 8th

9.00–9.45         Safewards: A 10-year Review of the Research, Developments and Possible 

Directions of Travel

Alan Simpson  

9.45–11.15       Symposia/paper sessions/workshops             

11.15–11.45     Coffee break   

11.45–12.30     Early Intervention in Mental Health and Access to Quality Care:

an Environmental, Societal and Political Issue.

Philippe Conus                          

12.30–13.30     Lunch and posters                    

13.30–14.15     Posters, review and prizes      

14.15–15.00     EUFAMI European Federation of Associations of Families of People

with Mental Illness                  

15.00–15.30     Coffee break   

15.30–16.15     Stigma

Norman Sartorius                     

16.15–17.00     Closing ceremony

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