English summaries 43/2021 vsk 76 s. 2487 - 2496

Ophthalmic procedures in Finland 2010–2016

Sirpa LoukovaaraJari Haukka
Silmän takaosatoimenpiteet erva-alueittain
Glaukoomatoimenpiteet erva-alueittain
Silmätoimenpiteiden ilmaantuvuus
Tutkimuspopulaation peruspiirteet ensimmäisen leikkauksen mukaan

Background The aim of this study was to characterize ophthalmic procedures performed in Finland during 2010 to 2016.

Methods Historical cohort study based on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare register data covering all ophthalmic surgical subgroups according to the Nordic surgical classification.

Results Most of the ophthalmic procedures were performed in Helsinki district (37.9%) followed by Kuopio (18.7%). Cataract surgery was the most common procedure (35.9%), and intravitreal injections the second most common (27.8%). Out of the intravitreal injections, the majority were given due to wet age-related macular degeneration or due to diabetic macular oedema. Altogether, 77.6% of all ophthalmic procedures consisted of cataract surgery, intravitreal injections, retinal photocoagulation, and removal of secondary cataract. Only 1.3% of surgeries were performed due to ophthalmic trauma.

Conclusions The rate of ophthalmic procedures increased yearly in every hospital district in Finland. National ophthalmic quality registers developed especially for cataract surgery and intravitreal injection treatment of posterior segment vitreoretinal diseases would be highly necessary for measuring the quality of ophthalmic care.

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